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Chopin Mazurkas

"Chopin Mazurkas" - a series of meetings preparing young music lovers to listen to the next Chopin Competition, which falls in October 2020. All in the form of 45-minute educational concerts. Each meeting - will be an excuse to talk about various music departments of F. Chopin, Chopin style, but also Polish folk music; we will not forget about other composers who alluded to Chopin or were a source of inspiration for him. 

Start on March 7! 
Place: the seat of the Julian Cochran Foundation, first floor of Hala Koszyki 
Admission: free for classes (number of children in a group max. 16, order of applications decides) Classes will be held in two groups at 11.00 and at 12.00. 
Duration: 45 minutes. 
Enrollment: we keep at 

In the content of the application please provide:  name, surname and age of the child (participants must be at least 7 years old);  guardian's contact number;  the time of classes that interest you 

Hosting - Aleksandra BOBROWSKA 
Pianist, teacher, graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music and Haute Ecole de Musique de Geneve. Winner of numerous piano competitions. He is one of the educators cooperating with the Chopin Museum, he also works as a teacher at the ZPSM. F. Chopin at Bednarska.



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