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New season at Koszyki!

Over a hundred years after its erection, Hala Koszyki comes back to life in Warsaw. The new look and the character of the building is the next revitalization success of JEMS Architekci. The design is not the end of their existence in Hala’s life, though. On November 9 there was a vernissage of the “New season at Koszyki” exhibition beginning the cycle of historic, architectural and social events, which are to be organised in Hala Koszyki with the participation of JEMS.

“New season at Koszyki” is telling the story of the listed historic site’s transformation process. Among many showpieces you’ll be able to find the historic elements of the old Hala, which today compose the new rebuilt structure of Koszyki.

”Our project tries to exhibit what is authentic and preserved in the building, so we’re talking here about the gate buildings, the dimensions, the spatial structure of the main building’s body, it’s steel construction – the new structure designed according to the modern rules holds only a supportive function, floor elements and many other details,” Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski, the co-founder and partner in JEMS says.

The vernissage of the “New season at Koszyki” exhibition is also an inauguration of many different activities of JEMS in Hala. There are plans to organise a cycle of debates, which would start a broad social discussion between architects, city planners, Varsovian mavens and Warsaw citizens on the revitalization of the urban fabric. Additionally, a cycle of meetings will take place, during which showing Hala round will be accompanied by historical and architectural comments made by the teams of JEMS and Restauro – the company responsible for the historic building modernization, conservation works and the analysis of the interiors’ colour scheme of the gate buildings and the annex of the Hala complex.

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