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Venus in 375 pieces!

Koszyki Hall invites you to admire the triptych “The Birth of Venus“ by Marek Działek. The work created using several techniques is diplayed near the stage in the hall.

The mosaic “Birth of Venus” is a classic combination of tradition and modernity. This composition designed in the form of a triptych consists of 375 hand-cast ceramic tiles. They are divided into the central composition of 3 x 3 meters, and two side wings measuring 3 x 1 m.
- Work on “The Birth of Venus” was a multi-step process required creativity in different areas − graphics, ceramics, arts and design. The first stage consisted in sketching the general concept. I was looking for inspiration in the art of decorating buildings from the past and in modern large-format graphics produced in the urban space − says Marek Działek, the author of the triptych.

The starting point for “The Birth of Venus” was a work of the same title painted by William Bougueteau. The author placed the central figure of Venus in the contemporary landscape.
Especially intriguing is the technique used in this work − screen-printed graphics was applied on the tiles, which is associated with street art. They refer to the decorative ceramic tiles in the streets of Lisbon.

The mosaic was presented for the first time at the exhibition “Dress Rehersal” in Art Gallery 18A located on Bracka Street 20B in Warsaw.

About the Author:
Marek Działek (b. 1980)graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in the studio of Prof. Stanislaw Radwanski, and Intermedia specialization with Prof. Witoslaw Czerwonka (2009). His art combines a variety of techniques, from sculpture, painting and graphics to animation. Co-founder of the Artistic Workshop Foundation which deals with the promotion of art. Cultural animator.

Author: Marek Działek
Place: Koszyki Hall, next to the Stage

Meet Venus, piece by piece!

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