Reopening of Hala Koszyki!

110 years ago, in 1906 Hala Koszyki was only beginning to exist. Now it comes back to Warsaw. Its longed-for reopening will take place on October 21st. It will be the first and the only place of its kind in Poland, where cuisines from all over the world will meet with a unique space of cultural experience. What’s vital though, is the venue – exceptional revitalized interiors of historic market hall. You can find more information about Hala Koszyki, its history, lessees and cultural events taking place on the new website

The ‘Koszyki’ market hall, also referred to as ‘People’s bazaar’ was built in 1906-1908 in Koszykowa Street in Warsaw at the then ‘Koszyki’ grange place. For many years it performed as the main city market, very modern as for its times. Today Hala is ahead of its time again – it’s a pioneering solution of a place where 18 restaurants, 11 groceries, a fine Bazar Koszyki open from dawn to dusk, a chemist, a bookstore and a kitchen accessories and appliances shop are lined up next to each other.

Classy food market halls like Foodhallen in Amsterdam, Mathallen in Oslo, San Lorenzo in Florence or Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon set the examples for the concept of today’s Hala Koszyki. Both here and there anyone can find something interesting for themselves. The rich offer of Hala makes it a perfect place for a morning coffee, a casual business lunch, a meeting with friends, a smart dinner or finally a relaxing glass of Prosecco in the bar open till late evening hours. Another undoubtful advantage of  Hala is a shared space which allows to take various restaurants up on their wide offer even if you are with a large group of people.

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