Christmas Offer at Hala Koszyki

Christmas is coming, so we organized for you something special! Visit Hala Koszyki and learn more about the offers.

Bazar Koszyki:
Are you looking for a unique Christmas sets for your family? We prepared baskets full of bits and pieces. Get known with the full offer – download a file from the bottom of this article.

Crazy Butcher offers a juicy, festive competition!
A perfect Wagyu loin on the Christmas table? Why not? We start our (pre)Christmas game, in
which you can win 1 kg of this meat.

How can you win? Just try to convince us:
- like our profile and share this post
- write in a comment, for example in the form of a nice rhymes, why it is worth having a good beef on the Christmas table and mark a close one with whom they will be feasting on this holiday.
That’s all. The winner will be selected based on subjective feelings from people who meet all conditions. We will announce the winner exactly one week before Christmas, which is December 18th. The meat will be ready to be picked up in the week before Christmas. We have also to additional prizes:

1) basic training on molecular cuisine with the author of the blog Food Effect - Grzegorz Popiołek
2) volcanic salt straight from Iceland.
Closing remarks:
1) the competition lasts until Sunday (December 17); comments added later than December 17th at 23:59 will not be considered; similarly will happen with comments edited after the indicated time

2) the organizer of the competition is the owner of the Crazy Butcher brand, who reserves the right to make changes to the rules of competition and to cancel it

Now a special offer of AZUL travel agency:
Only this winter you can discover the wonderful Brazil – there is a direct connection to Rio De Janeiro by a comfortable DREAMLINER plane!
Świat Książki Bookstore:
Nowa Jadłonomia in Warsaw – come to the bookstore at Hala Koszyki and get the Christmas dedication! After 3 years, Marta Dymek from the blog Jadłonomia came back with the long-awaited, new book. On this occasion, the Marginesy publishing house invites to Świat Książki at Hala Koszyki, where Marta Dymek will sign the Nowa Jadłonomia book. That is the last meeting with Jadłonomia this year, so come in for Christmas dedications! And if you are thinking about Christmas vegan recipes or wonder why your last vegan mayonnaise was too watery, come in to Koszyki for some culinary advice.

We’ll be there on December 10th (Sunday) between 15:00-16:30 at Świat Książki at Hala Koszyki in Warsaw I FREE ENTRY I
- there will be an opportunity to buy books
Nowa Jadłonomia is the book full of vegan recipes inspired by cuisines of the whole world.
The main role is played by Polish, seasonal vegetables in a completely new version. Chinese Celery root? Hungarian goulash with peppers and oyster mushrooms? Turkish lentil soup? These are just a few dishes for gathering forces before a great vegetal journey!
Marta Dymek is an author of the famous vegetal blog Jadłonomia and the book with the same title, which had a dozen of reprints. For six years, she has been running a site with vegetable recipes, which each month includes more than a million page views. She cooperate with the most interesting Polish culinary magazines and hosts her own TV program “Zielona Rewolucja Marty Dymek” on Kuchnia+. She loves baked eggplants and not always has a patience to prepare curry paste. Still, every other person who is convinced that vegetable cuisine is an inexhaustible source of inspiration enjoys her.
Visit Koszyki and see for yourself!

See you soon!


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