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Exhibition: In the embrace of Nature

Transparency of light, turquoise of Indian Ocean, sharp earth red, deep sky blue and unusual sunsets...

… Yaja Hadryś will tell you about these unique experiences with use of paintings during her exhibition „In the embrace of nature” at Koszyki.

Artist tells about her exhibition:
I have lived in Australia for over 40 years and still I am still fascinated with this huge, partly uninhabited continent, which is also strongly diverse in terms of landscape, climate and culture.
Australia is a constant inspiration to almost all of my artistic activities.
I feel the mighty power of nature here, especially in places such as Kimberley in Western Australia or Arnhem Land in the far north of the continent"

Story of the artist:

Australian-Polish artist, graduate of prestigious Sydney College of the Arts.
After graduation, she worked for over a dozen years on SBS television in Sydney as artist studio chief.

After leaving TV she stayed in Broome, Western Australia, for five years. Her artistic passion for pearls and a unique Australian outback started there.

After receiving a special permit from the Aborigines Land Managers, Yaja spent several years in Ramingining, a small Aboriginal settlement in Arnhem Land.
She was “adopted” by one of local families, gained new clan name and was accepted by Yolngu people. Their culture is considered the oldest living one in the world. She worked as an art curator of local artists, what helped her to familiarize with local stories from the age of dreams, rites, traditional painting symbols and techniques of natural dyeing plant fibers, which are used to plaiting manufacturing. Collection of her photos documenting Aboriginal plaitings was bought by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In New York and The British Museum in London. Yaja photographs from Ramingining were displayed during numerous individual exhibitions in Australia, Poland and Germany.

Now, Yaja lives in Sydney and creates unique silk fabrics deriving knowledge from her rich artistic and cultural experience. She dyes fabrics and print the patterns on them using leaves, flowers, fruit and bark of trees. She creates works of art that show her close bond with nature.

Author: Yaja Hadryś

Guest of honor: Ambassador of Australia in Poland Paul Wojciechowski
Date: October 3 – 18, 2017
Time: 20:00
Location: Hala Koszyki, 1st floor

We warmly invite you to the exhibition!

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