Hala Koszyki is now open!

Eighteen fabulous restaurant concepts, eleven fantastic groceries and service premises - Warsaw’s Śródmieście regained its lost pearl. Hala Koszyki is the first and the only place of its kind in whole Poland. Now all the best restaurateurs and chefs may feed you with the delicacies from every part of the world under one roof at Hala Koszyki.

The revitalisation process of the legendary Koszyki  has finally come to an end. The characteristic original body of the building was reconstructed together with its layout, rhythm, cubature and even the tiniest original elements saved from the old structure. The irrecoverable rest was thoroughly recreated to meet all the recommendations and requirements given by the Warsaw Heritage Conservationist. The recreated walls were built with the use of the bricks left from the old Hala, the art nouveau facade of the gate buildings was neatly restored and the historic steel lattice was painted green – just like in the old days.

Hala Koszyki is the first and the only food market hall in Poland. Its reopening takes place in a special time, as it’s also the 10th anniversary of its owner – Griffin Real Estate. The company is the biggest investor on the real estate market in Poland of assets valued at 4.5 billion euro and it has a few very successful architectural monuments’ revitalizations under its belt.

The new release of Hala made it a very interesting place for meetings, where not only people but also art found a place for itself. That is because Koszyki will constantly be presenting the works of art of young artists supported and promoted by the Griffin Art Space foundation.

The inspiration for the authors of today’s Hala were classy food market halls like Foodhallen in Amsterdam, Mathallen in Oslo, San Lorenzo in Florence or Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon. What distinguishes Hala though is a completely authorial musical arrangement of the place composed by Stanislaw Trzcinski.

The project of Hala Koszyki was done by the JEMS Architekci team, while the interior design is the work of Medusa Group studio. The general building contractor was Erbud company and the financing bank was BGK, responsible for allocating the funds from JESSICA, the European initiative supporting sustainable urban development and regeneration.


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