On November 15, a medical examination as a part of Movember Polska campaign will take place at Hala Koszyki. We’d like to invite residents of Warsaw and surrounding areas.

Within a month of men cancer prevention, on November 15, gentlemen will have their testicles checked up with use of ultrasound (USG).
In addition to taking part in the examination, gentlemen will be able to take care of their appearance as well, thanks to the commitment of professional barbers – you’re welcome.

Hala Koszyki once again co-organizes events focused on health and cancer prevention. In February 2017, the event “Zdrowe Koszyki” was organized within the action World Cancer Day.

We remind, that to be checked with use of USG, you have only to:
- visit Hala Koszyki 
- be between 18 – 35 y.o.
- fill in the consent form at the movember action stall

You can pay for the examination as much as you wish. Money raised this way by Polish organizer of the campaign - Kapitan Światełko Foundation - will defray the needs of the Movember Polska campaign and events accompanying it.

Please remember, that PSA blood tests are basic examinations in case of prostate cancers. They will be not conducted during our meeting. Gentlemen over 35 y.o. are kindly invited to obtain vouchers for multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of prostate, that will be hold in Affidea Polska centers at much lower costs.

The USG examination of testicles lasts for about 5 minutes. Thanks to it we can determinate, which is the “initial condition” of testicles. Then if in the further, self-checkup we observe some changes, we should visit a doctor immediately.
During the event “movember hangers” will be given away. When put in the bathroom or closet, they remind about regular self-examinations.

We’d like to remind, that during the event there will be no medical consultations. There is also no possibility of booking a checkup. We encourage to visit Hala Koszyki at least an hour before the planned action finish.

See you soon!

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