Music in Hala Koszyki!

Hala Koszyki is the first such venue combining an open market with restaurants in Poland. One of its very unique features is the music chosen by Stanisław Trzciński – the man behind many concerts and festivals, a music publisher and journalist, and an author of 35 multi-disc music compilations, including "Pozytywne Wibracje", "Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny" and "Pieprz i Wanilia". Koszyki plays the repertoire of his choice every day.

The music played features almost 2,000 pieces, including intelligent dance music, club beats, funk, soul, jazz, R'n'B, chillout and world music – always matched to the time of day and varied based on the day of week. In the morning, Hala Koszyki is full of upbeat, energetic and eye-opening music. Later in the afternoon, the music moves towards more relaxing and largely instrumental pieces. Evenings and nights are hyped up by more energy, rhythm and power everywhere. Very late nights are known for more moody and classic jazz.

Last but not least, there is the classical music. It surrounds the entire venue on the outside. On top of that, many shops and restaurants in Koszyki play their own choice of music.

Hala Koszyki is Poland's first to pay such attention to the repertoire played in the shared areas. It takes advantage of both radio music and original works.

Stanisław Trzciński: "This shared project proposed by Hala Koszyki is a show of trust in me. Thanks to that opportunity you can experience not just what has already been known from my albums that combine 20 years of my musical adventures. Also there will be the artists whom I presented during my weekly shows in Radio PiN.

I believe that Hala Koszyki, which I had known since my childhood, is a great chance to present even more albums of mine that I want to bring back to life in this fantastic venue. And selected days of the week and late nights will be the time for some tasty jazz. On the outside there will classical music from symphonic, piano and opera works. Always the best composers and their best performers.

On top of that, every month will feature new pieces of music. These will include many masterpieces, rarities and discoveries, not to mention some live concert sessions, remixes and brand new hits in the premium category."

The signature repertoire by Stanisław Trzciński can be experienced everyday inside Hala Koszyki from the very opening hour to its closing at 1 a.m. On the outside the music is played until 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays are special – the playback stops at 6 p.m. to give way to live DJs and instrumental performers who play until midnight.
Live and themed music weekends in Hala Koszyki!
The collaboration with Stanisław Trzciński brings unique live music experience to Hala Koszyki on weekends from 6 p.m. to midnight.  Each weekend is devoted to a special artist and music genre.

A visit to Koszyki becomes a chance to experience Poland's top DJs from Soul Service DJ Team playing pure vinyls. They are accompanied by top-notch musicians, including trumpet, saxophone and trombone players from young generations.

The weekend schedule featuring the detailed line-up, genres and artist focus is published by the end of the preceding month.


Live Music at Koszyki by Stanisław Trzciński


1 December - Friday – DJ Senhor Efebo + Rafał Gańko (trąbka) – Brazillian Smooth Sound 

2 December - Saturday – DJ Grajek Krawiec + Marcin Gańko (saksofon) – Afrobreak Sound System 


8 December - Friday – DJ Envee + Jan Michalec (trąbka) – The NU Kind of Blue 

9 December - Saturday – DJ Burn Reynolds + Rafał Gańko (trąbka) – The Sound of Future Disco 


15 December - Friday – DJ Cpt. Sparky + Seb Stanny (saksofon) – Funk Headhunters 

16 December - Saturday – DJ Misty + Dominik Trębski (trąbka) – Hip Jazz


22 December  – nie gramy (przed Wigilią)

23 December – nie gramy (przed Wigilią) 


29 December - Friday – DJ Cpt. Sparky + Piotr "Ziarek" Ziarkiewicz (trąbka) – Soul of Jazz Carnival 

30 December - Saturday – DJ Papa Zura + Rafał Gańko (trąbka) – Soul of Funky Carnival



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