New York City through the lens of Marysia Bil

We invite you to an amazing photographic journey into the city that never sleeps. Marysia Bil presents her view of New York. The opening “Blacks and Whites of New York” will last until the end of April 2019.

Any visitor will discover New York City in his/her own way. Marysia Bil presents this city in mood black-and-white photographs, which show New York as she saw it: dirty, crowded, but also real, unique and beautiful in its own way. In her work the author emphasises the importance of the people of this city.

So unique photos of New York City would not have been taken if Marysia Bil had not moved to this city two years ago. She says that the move had a huge influence on her artistic development, and completely changed the perception of the environment. She began to photograph people and places that would not previously attract her attention.

The co-organiser of the exhibition is the travel agency − Specialists in successful holiday − Azul Holiday.

The opening will be on display in Koszyki Hall until the end of April on level -1.

Join us!


Opening “Blacks and whites of New York”

Koszyki Hall

Level -1

Date: by the end of April 2019.


About the author:

Marysia Bil − has been professionally dealing with photography for eight years. She shares this passion with her dad. She developed in this direction in the School of Photography and served her traineeship in the photographic studio Focus, where she gained experience from two photographers − Włodzimierz Krzeminski and Krzysztof Pawela. In 2017, she moved to New York.

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