Bazar Koszyki Street Food -start of a new place


We have  great pleasure to invite you all for openenig of local BAZAR KOSZYKI – STREET Food, localizated on the groundfloor of Hala Koszyki.


In the former place of shop, after a few weeks of renovation, we are opening Bazar Koszyki STREET Food. Localizated in the back part of hall on the groundfloor will show off nine brand new stands with street food from Asia to America.

On the beginning you will find at the place Chinese UDON, where you can choose noodles, Alsatian crumpets FLAMM, bubble waffles from Hong Kong and French macaroon MELODY – Natural Ice-creams, Korean sandwiches with kimchi, kimbap, RAMYUMM, ANNYEONG, vegetable kebab with seytan KEBOOM, New York’s original hot dogs dogidog, street food of Vietnam, Pho2 and Polish accent made at the place dumplings, "kartacze" and crumpets, NADZIANE.

Complement will be wine bar with selected offer of wines for glasses and bottles from the best regions of the world, BOKEH coffee and wine.

Local will be decorted with plants from FLORABO, so that both inside and outside plenty of beneficient and exotic plants to admire and buy will appear.

>> Official start presentation for media since 15.00 o’clock (17.05) <<

You are welcome!

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