Did you know that pink is the most fashionable colour of the season? 
It reigns supreme not only in fashion, design and cinematography, but also on the new bottle of the Beefeater PINK gin!

Beefeater Gin London meets new needs and adds a refreshing flavour of strawberries to its classic gin recipe. 
Beefeater Pink is the latest, freshest and innovative taste derived from Beefeater, the most famous gin brand in the world.

On 29 June don't stay at home and visit Hala Koszyki, and we will welcome you with cocktails based on the strawberry gin! 

Koszyki Bar has prepared a special promotion:
- When buying two PINK BiT drinks, you will get an equally pink award! 
- And for those wearing the trendiest colour this season we have vouchers for free cocktails!

The musical setting of the event will be prepared by Yorüba and NuCasa, and the performance by extremely colourful and unconventional artist Mery Spolsky will be the perfect culmination of the evening!

MERY SPOLSKY is a musical solo-performance and self-proclaimed spolsky pop. She writes her lyrics herself, composes music, produces and arranges the songs, and also designs clothes and plays the guitar. Sometimes the piano is also used, but only because the keys are black and white. Previously one could meet Mery Spolsky during the last year's FMT in Szczecin, CJG Music Fair in Warsaw, at this year's Spring Break in Poznan or during Open'er Festival. In June this year, her debut single "Miło Było Pana Poznać" (It Was Nice to Meet You) was released. The single announces an album which will be released on 15 September by the Kayax record label.

We start at 6:00 pm!

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