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Saint Nicholas at Hala Koszyki

Saint Nicholas Day at Koszyki

Bond with history and tradition is something which Hala Koszyki identifies with since its origins. How will it deal with Polish tradition of St Nicholas Day celebrations? A concert of DE MONO, visit of Santa Claus, gifts for children and Charity Ral’n’Roll Burgers – you can find everything at Hala Koszyki this Wednesday!

In Poland on the 6th of December ‘Mikołajki’ is celebrated – one of the nicest day in the whole year! Thus, a lot of attractions wait for you at Hala Koszyki:

First – help for those in need. Soul Food at Koszyki adds to its menu a brand-new dish. Feisty Rak’n’Roll Burger is composed of healthier ingredients and CAN DO GOOD, because… it helps to fight cancer! Profit from its sale supports the Rak’n’Roll foundation. – Supporting different organizations with use of “charity meal” is a worldwide trend, which I want to adapt in Poland – states Marek Ignaciuk, an owner of Soul Food. – I want to show my guests, that with such a simple decision like choice of dish for lunch they can help someone in a difficult moment in life – he adds. Rak’n’Roll Burger is available only in Soul Food at Hala Koszyki.

Second – atrractions for children. Traditionally, on the 6th of December from 12:00 there will be Santa Claus waiting for kids under the Christmas tree. He will

bring a large sack with presents and give them to all kind children.

Finally – a charity concert of DE MONO. The show will start at 20:00. The scene, as always, will be located just behind Bar Koszyki.

You’re welcome!

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