Opening Weekend of Hala Koszyki

The longed-for opening of Hala Koszyki will take place on October 21st. The guests will have their chance to taste some of the delicacies offered by 18 culinary concepts and 11 groceries or to do some shopping. The time will be brightened by a perfect musical arrangement composed by Stanislaw Trzcinski. Moreover, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings you’ll be able to listen to his music live! Additionally, on Saturday, October 22nd WRO Art Center and Griffin Art Space will inaugurate the opening with the “Moths, crabs and vibrations” exhibition.


On the event of opening of Hala Koszyki its guests will be amused by Stanislaw Trzcinski, the concert and festival organiser, musical journalist and publisher, who prepared a special musical composition on this occasion. He put together over 1300 pieces of music to make a playlist specially dedicated to Hala. The music is organized in sets attuned to a given time of the day – it’s full of positive energy in the morning, relaxing and noble, often instrumental, during the day and energetic, full of beat in the evening. Classical music will also take part.

“The invitation to cooperation I got from Hala Koszyki is a superlative for me. As a result you will hear not only the effect of my nearly twenty-year-old search, which you can find on my CDs, but also the works of artists I’ve been presenting in a weekly radio broadcast in PiN Radio. I know Hala since I was a child, and now I’m gonna take advantage of this occasion to present some new series of my CDs in this extraordinary place. I intend to propose classical music on some weekdays late in the evenings - these will be masterpieces of the most talented composers. What’s more, I’ll be changing the music every month, I want to put the hit songs with discoveries and inventions, concert performances and remixes together,” Stanislaw Trzcinski says.

 During the opening weekend of Hala Koszyki, from Friday to Sunday from 5 pm. the whole space of the building will be filled with live DJ and instrumental music.


On Saturday, October 22nd at 5 pm. WRO Art Center and Griffin Art Space will officially open the “Moths, crabs and vibrations” exhibition prepared as a special inauguration of the artistic practice which is to be held in Hala Koszyki. In the introduction to the exhibition, the curator, Piotr Krajewski says, “The artists of the exhibition show in their works how the  bagmoth caterpillars construct small but also extravagant protective cases out of silk and other environmental materials used by worldwide known designers, the hermit crabs look for salvaged seashells of sea snails into which its whole body can retract and carry them around for their whole lives and the energy of the Pacific wave is captured and forwarded by the kinetic installation dangling from the ceiling”.

 The exhibition will be open in Hala Koszyki from October 22nd till November 30th, 2016.


The greatest attraction of Hala Koszyki, which directly refers to its historical function is of course the culinary area – 18 gastronomical concepts and 11 groceries is the ultimate combination between the tradition of Koszyki and modernity of today’s restaurant spaces so popular over the whole Europe. On the opening weekend many spots have prepared special attractions for the guests visiting their restaurants. You couldn’t be more tempted to spend some time of your weekend in Hala – do all the shopping you need and eat every meal you wish from breakfast to supper.

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