Photo Exhibition by Maksymilian Ławrynowicz

Throughout May, in Hala Koszyki on Level +1 you will have an opportunity to admire the exhibition entitled "Piękno" (Beauty) - already the fourth edition of the "Projekt Kobiety" (Project: Women) photographic series by Maksimilian Ławrynowicz. What is beauty? The photographer's answer is obvious: beauty is woman. 

The exhibition is a turning point in the photographer's work. He has always been fascinated by creation, styling and fashion; he rejects the assumptions made so far and removes the emotional make-up of his characters. He focuses on realism, and gives up strong styling and postproduction. He only allows natural make-up and struggles with the difficult art of classical portraiture photography.

The author delves into the world of women's emotions: sadness, joy or infinite goodness. He also talks about the relationship between women – hence next to solo portraits, we will see photographs of mothers and daughters, sisters, same-sex couples or simply close friends. The face of the exhibition is actress Agata Buzek.



Partners of the exhibition include: Hala Koszyki, Julian Cochran Foundation, Armani Beauty, Biolage Raw, Cookie Printers, Deadline Scenografia, Silver Plate Events and Crystal Panel

Media Patrons: Chilli Zet Radio, Imperium Kobiet Magazine, Business Woman & Life Magazine

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