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Exhibition of works by Joanna Dudek

We encourage you to visit the exhibition of works by Joanna Dudek. The exhibition is a diploma project at Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and it has been executed under the supervision of Barbara Kowalewska, PhD (installation), Professor Andrzej Zwierzchowski (painting), and with the support of Magdalena Sołtys, MA.

In her work, the artist focuses on the aspect of identity in the postmodern era, which is increasingly often built on far-reaching body, exterior styling and the so-called "lifestyle" alterations. She looks at how the body becomes a commodity driving the machine of unrestrained consumption. The inspiration for the project was the observation of the world surrounding the author, the content published in social media, magazines and pop culture in its broad sense. The works combine painting, installation and exhibition-centred thinking. Moreover, it is a departure from the typical for the present times idea of a "white cube", i.e. exhibiting works in neutral spaces isolated from everyday life. It is a socially engaged art, which goes out to the public space, and directly to the public. Also the line between purely artistic activities and exhibition project becomes blurred, which allowed the artist to create a work homogeneous in its meaning.

Date: 29 May - 30 June Place: Hala Koszyki, level -1

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