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Bar Centralny Koszyki is an exceptional place in the very heart of Hala Koszyki.

Contact tel. 22 221 81 67tel. 508 497 361

Visit us at location 27

00 27


It’s, atmosphere and interior are authentically based on the 20s and 30s of the last century. The same goes for the menu! You can find ‘lemonade' from 'gizmo’ meaning seasonal refreshing soft drinks, ‘lemonade with doodah’ meaning drinks based on prosecco wine and ‘classical contraptions’ meaning gin with tonic and cucumber. The specialties of the house are home-made wines and a drink called ‘Koszyki’, a fantastic cocktail whose recipe is kept secret by the owners.

For the alcoholic beverage enthusiasts there are among others whiskey, dogwood vodka or moonshine made from plums. Beer drinkers will be delighted with grand Koszyki Beer sold only in Warsaw Hala Koszyki.

Additionally, nobody leaves Bar Centralny hungry, because every drink served here has a specially matched course, snack, appetiser or sandwich!


Menu - part 1

Menu - part 2

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