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At Port Royal, there is a wide range of fish and seafood available, as well as a romantic story about the owners that underpins the magnetic charm of the restaurant.

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Her knowledge of fish comes from the family's fish farming history. He fell in love with her, as well as in the seafood. Together they decided to create a place with all the things they love and know about. The restaurant is like a seaport with over 50 species of fish and a giant kitchen behind glass. You’ll be able to try not only delicacies from different seas and oceans, but also Polish herrings, cod, red fish, turbot and catfish. As well as the fish you’ll also find rare seafood: shrimp, octopus and especially noteworthy, oysters. The chef imports them straight from the fish farm and serves them both au naturel and au gratin in many different ways.

You can leave Port Royal not only with full stomach but also with a bag full of sea shopping. The staff who know everything about fish will be happy to tell you what to take home and how to prepare it.


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