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Semolino is a kind of coarse-grained flour used to make pasta.

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Semolino is a kind of coarse-grained flour used to make pasta. That is why Semolino Ristorante has pasta and pizza as its leading menu. They are made every single day from the ingredients of the highest quality, and the exceptional taste comes from the recipe, according to which on every kilogram of flour fall 12 eggs from chickens kept on the chicken run. The author of the concept is the owner and the chef of Semolino – Massimiliano Boscaro, who has 15 years of experience in gastronomy, and is well known for his passionate love of Italian cuisine.

This original and unique menu allows the guests to compose their own pasta or pizza in numerous ways – you can choose the kind of pasta, the additives and the level of spiciness of the dish. The open kitchen makes it possible to observe the process of making every dish from the beginning, starting from the preparation of the ingredients, through to the cooking and finally serving the course. Truly Italian gustatory sensations are accompanied by the light and cosy Mediterranean interior, which ideally fits into the atmosphere of Hala Koszyki.

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