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Easter workshops in Hala Koszyki

Easter decorations in the zero-waste release

This coming weekend, we invite everyone to Hala Koszyki, where unique workshops will be organized.

On Saturday at 13 and 15 workshops on Easter egg painting will be held. All young guests of Koszyki, as well as their parents, will have the opportunity to create beautiful Easter decorations. Speckled Easter eggs, those with hooked ears, or eggs with a delicate, marbled appearance? It all depends on the imagination of the participants, and this will certainly be unlimited!

 The lead of ​​the meeting will be zero-waste and recycling issues. As part of creating decorations destroyed books, dried plants and cuttings will be used, which will gain new life and will become a part of Easter compositions.

 The workshop will be hosted by Mroux - a well-known author of children's books about Warsaw and an illustrator collaborating with Czarne publishing house, the Grand Theater, the National Opera and the magazine Pismo.


How to make the best eggnog?

 On Sunday, on the other hand, we invite our older guests to the hall, for whom we have prepared workshops on doing eggnog. The event will be divided into two groups of 20 (at 12 and 15). Admission to it is free, and due to the limited number of places the "first come, first served" rule applies.

 Participants will learn about the history of eggnog in Poland and in the world, and then, under the supervision of an experienced specialist, will have the opportunity to prepare a festive liqueur, which, along with the printed recipe, will take home.

 The expected duration of the workshops for each group: 45-60 minutes.

 The meeting will be hosted by Katarzyna Czalej - the creator and head of the bar at the Mexican restaurant La Sirena. Katarzyna is passionate about the cuisine of the world and its various interpretations, as well as a fan of all flavors - the more strange and more complex, the more attractive they are to her!

 We would like to remind you that April 14th will be a shopping Sunday, that's why we invite all guests not only to participate in the workshops, but also to have a satisfying shopping at Hala Koszyki. 

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